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Papillon (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was in year 10 dad put a book in my hand and asked me to try and finish it in 3 days if I could! and the books name was “Papillon”. It’s a true story of a man, who was wrongly convicted for a crime he did not commit and was sent to the french penal settlement in French Guiana and from where he escapes 13 times, only to be brought back 12 times and the final escape! he breaks free for good, makes himself a new life in Venezuela and becomes a great! Entrepreneur! that’s right folks! a jail bird who spent time with hard men  turned a leaf out of his book (life) and there you go Entrepreneur!

I’ve read this book several times since and it’s second part Banco. Every time I read it! it looks new and conveys a wonderful meaning about life! So If you folks want inspiration please read this book! (no affiliate link, just suggesting).

Some personal thoughts I gathered from this book, combined with some personal experiences in life!

  • Ambition is the fuel that can drive life changing events! 
  • You achieve just what you think! so create a BIG DREAM!
  • On the road to becoming an entrepreneur, few people come into your life without a reason! (you’ve all come into mine to make it a dream come true)

Lastly, I did realize that a feeling or phenomenon or gutt feeling called FEAR kept me from going after my dreams! Here’s a small piece of truth! Gutt Feeling and Instincts are two varied things! trust your instincts! because your instincts play a big role in your entrepreneurial journey!





Lastly, to make things easier for future bloggers, web enthusiast and people who want build a website and don’t know how to, do not worry, a mate and myself are coming up with a website, which gives you everything for free. It will contain simple, yet cutting edge solutions for your challenges on the internet! It will also have a small e-book! that takes you through the life of building your very own website from scratch in just 1 hour!  The site is due to be released by next month! so please keep an eye out!

Did I mention? ITS FREE that’s right folks FREE! and we’re calling it “www.TheLizardinYou.Com” after my very first Blog!

Now, why did we come up with this idea? and how? I was attending a early morning conference with Alex Jeffrey’s and during that conference I realized every single one of them in that conference had an issue with building their own blog, website or even getting started! I know technology is light years ahead of human knowledge, but, do not fret! I’m going to make it easy! very easy for you all.

PS: I’d kill myself If I don’t mention this! I would like to appreciate the efforts, support and encouragement delivered into this project of mine by my childhood friend Sajid! My next post involves you and our entrepreneurial lives! many thanks CHAMP!




It took me so long to find a suitable title for this post! I had to think so much, that I haven’t eaten any sort of carbs in the last 3 days! that’s right people, am on a paleolithic diet! (why am I saying all this, I don’t really know, perhaps there is a connection to it somewhere in this post!

Now we all have goals, dreams and ambitions in our lives. I believe these play a big role into shaping us and making us who we are today! I was business driven from a very young age! I remember saying to Mrs Edwards (RIP-2000) “ I will own a shoe manufacturing company when I grow up, my dad need not have to replace my shoes once every 3 months“. Back then, I did not realize, how much that little dream of mine would reflect on my life and change it for ever.

Through school and college I was deeply involved in science (still am, waiting on a telescope building kit, I have a thing for solar systems and would like to identify stars around which planets rotate, so am building my own high tech telescope, don’t see it happening anytime soon, but then one day it will), participated in a number of competitions and won a bunch of awards, however in all that time, I was more interested in the applications of the projects I was involved in rather than the project itself.

Finally, at last, when I was in the University, doing my Bachelor of Science, that I first realized a project and applied it in day to day life. However, the money in science is a little dull, specially, the science my project was part of (chemistry). So I shifted attention towards selling mobile phone plans, by high jacking the contract of a small event promotions company called “T-Pot” (not sure if they’re still in business, best time to Google and find out.). They obviously weren’t happy with my actions and that venture of mine went down the drain, too much legals, for a university student to handle or be bothered with!

I forgot to add and this is terrible! The above narrative is happening in a South Indian city called Bangalore, my home town, the city where I grew up! and I haven’t seen it in 6 years! (I am a little sick, and missing it, but then I can live with it). 

So the big question is what stopped me for so long, interrupting me all the time, from putting my ideas into applications? I learnt the answer couple of years ago! It’s called the Lizard Brain. So what exactly is a lizard brain?? To give you a brief idea please watch this video.

Now, you might ask,

  • How did you overcome the lizard in you?
  • Did you cross the road like a chicken?
  • What were the first steps like?

Let us all discuss, there’s no one particular way to overcome your lizard brain. Each one of us have our own style or way to overcome it! To find that out, we need to discuss!

So please do discuss and lets share and care and find out the LIZARD in you!

Lizards please do oblige! if your not busy with something else:

Looking forward to your comments!

PS: Share your story with me, you can do so through this link

Lets Mimic

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Like everyone of you reading this post, I too have a story and mine isn’t any different from any of yours, except the actors in my story are different from yours. However, I, the central figure in this story have a lot in common with you.

I came to Australia as a poor student, with lots of dreams and ambitions (none of them have evaporated). Yet I couldn’t achieve my dreams due to various reasons (most of the reasons are a direct result of my own actions).

Finally one day, when I was less occupied and less distracted from sorting out my challenges (used to call them problems, but then, my view has changed) my mind mysteriously formulated an idea, which I could easily put together and make a buck out of! This so called idea was nothing new, some of you might even laugh at it!, it was a simple, old, business method of DROP SHIPPING, using eBay as the selling tool. I did moderately well, until one day, my supplier (whose good I was drop-shipping) decided to disappear!, I was shattered for a simple reason, not because I lost a great deal of money!, but because I couldn’t keep up the promise I made to my customers!

eBay banned me from conducting any sort of business on their website and there went my eBay account, which I had worked so hard to build up and also went my bread and butter down the drain (students in Australia find it hard to get decent jobs, at least I did).

It was at that time in my life I found this email sitting in my inbox claiming me help me become an internet marketing success story! Hence I thought I give it a shot! It wasn’t expensive like the other opportunities, even a poor student like myself can afford this and second of all, the guy representing the business, had a story like mine (hardship and strife) and this guy, Alex Jeffreys, seemed to be saying things all too well familiar to me, except that, he had the mind to apply these simple principles to be successful.

So I’m going to give his program The Money Trigger, a shot! Why not? I have nothing to loose!

I like to mimic successful people, when it has worked for them! why shouldn’t it work for me?

So who ever is reading this blog of mine please bear in mind, if this works for me, why wouldn’t it work for you? It would also be nice, you can leave a line or two as reply.

Lastly, I would like to Thank all the people in my life, for your constant support, help and encouragement. No matter were I am and what I do, I will never forget my humble beginnings and where I came from, because a human being should put faith in his/her beginnings even long after it’s gone because it’s people, memories and moments I will be leaving behind as my legacy.

Please keep an eye out for daily or even hourly updates from me.

Until then!


The Aspiring Internet Entrepreneur